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Pharmacy in NHS Fife includes a network of community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, practice pharmacy teams, as well as primary care development and medicines management pharmacy teams.

The NHS Fife Pharmacy service is responsible for supporting the Community Pharmacy Contract which includes services like Pharmacy First,  Acute Medications, Public Health and Medication Care and Review.

The NHS Fife Pharmacy service aims to deliver high quality, safe, cost-effective and clinically effective person-centred pharmaceutical care in Fife and provides accessible care that meets the needs of patients, the public, service users and health and social care providers to make sure that everyone gets the best outcomes from their medicines.

Generally, people are living longer, often with chronic and complex conditions. The range and number of conditions and the complexity of treatments available are also increasing.  Pharmacy has a crucial role in ensuring that patients obtain the best from their medicines whilst reducing harm, variation and waste.

NHS Fife Pharmacy plays a significant role in the governance of medicines, working closely with medical, clinical and nursing colleagues to continually improve safety wherever medicines are used.