How can I be seen by a Podiatrist?

You, your partner, or carer, can phone to arrange a telephone appointment with a CYP podiatrist on 01592 647199 if you need advice. Alternatively, you can complete a Request for Assistance (RfA) form, which can be found on our main podiatry page.

What happens next if you submit an RFA form? 

You may be asked to make a telephone appointment if we feel a chat and some advice will help, or you might attend a clinic for a new patient assessment appointment so we can find out how to help.

What is an assessment appointment?

At your initial podiatry appointment, you will have an assessment appointment, so your podiatrist can find out more about you. You will be asked questions about how you are feeling, how your feet are, and how this affects your daily activities.

You may then be asked to demonstrate standing and walking back and forth. This allows the podiatrist to see the muscles, which help you to walk, working.

If you have sore legs or feet, you might be asked about birth details, since birth position can impact how bones and muscles grow.

If you have a sore area on your foot we may put on a dressing and advise you on how to keep it clean to stop the infection.
We also provide advice on how to help ingrown toenails.

What about after my first appointment?

At your first appointment, we will put together a plan on how to achieve your goals. Anything we ask you to do is to help us work together as a team to make you feel better, and we may ask you to do certain activities at home, such as stretching exercises or increasing activity levels.