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Our aim is to promote mobility and skin integrity amongst care home residents, to help reduce the risk of foot health having an impact on physical and mental wellbeing.

To achieve the best for residents, we work closely with care home staff and offer all care homes foot care training, enabling staff to implement measures which reduce risk and help identify problems early.

Personal Care

NHS Podiatry does not provide personal care, such as nail care. For those referred for personal care, we will contact the care home to offer guidance and support on how they can undertake this task.
Within the training we offer care homes, we dedicate time to educate staff on how to manage personal care and safely undertake this role.


All requests for assistance to our service will be triaged to determine risk. Once an RfA has been triaged and a need or risk has been identified, we will make contact with the care home or welfare guardian to discuss.

Methods of contact

The NHS Fife Podiatry service offers different methods of input, which may be through face to face contacts, telephone reviews, or Near Me consultations.
Once a resident has been accepted into our service we will create a care plan which identifies the impact and risk associated with their condition. We will work with the resident, care home, and welfare guardian to create agreed goals to meet the resident’s needs.

Wound Management

As a service, we specialise in tissue viability and offer input for all foot wounds. This may be on a consultative basis or we may take the lead on the care package depending on the level of input required. The severity of the wound and impact it is having may require a multi-disciplinary team approach to achieve the best possible outcome. We may need to carry out blood tests and X-rays or MRIs to aid with treatment plans, which will be discussed in advance with the resident or welfare guardian. Residents may also need to wear specialist offloading devices to aid in wound management.

Referral Routes

Please follow the link below to complete a request for assistance for a resident in your care home. 

Request for assistance