What do we provide?

  • Individual assessment and formulation of the development and maintenance of psychological difficulties, such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, anger, sexual problems and the effects of trauma and abuse.
  • Individual assessment of cognitive or developmental difficulties where these are clearly affecting a person’s functioning.
  • Advice on psychological difficulties/a person’s functioning
  • Evidence-based self-help materials for patients, relatives and carers, including online options.
  • Skills-based courses to assist people overcome a range of difficulties, such as low self-esteem, stress, anger, low mood.
  • Therapeutic group options for more complex difficulties.
  • Input to the Community Mental Health Teams for those with the most complex difficulties.
  • Individual therapy, where needs cannot be met by other options and the individual is likely to benefit. This work is time-limited and requires the ability to tolerate emotional discomfort and make significant changes in behaviour.
  • Training, supervision and consultancy services for doctors, nurses, social workers and other Health and Social Care Partnership staff, to help them meet the psychological needs of their patients and clients.
  • Clinical audit and clinically-based research.

Where will I be seen?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, patients were seen in their doctor's surgery or else in local health centres or hospital outpatient clinics. Groups were held in a variety of locations across Fife. During this phase of response to COVID-19, we are following Scottish Government guidelines regarding ‘digital first’ service delivery. We offer virtual “Near Me” videocall consultations and telephone appointments. Referral routes

Referral routes

You can be referred to the psychology service by your GP, a psychiatrist, or by another health or social care professional.

During this phase of response to COVID-19, self-referral is available via the Access Therapies Fife website to online therapy options.