The Speech and Language Therapists and Support Practitioners within the Fife Neuro-Rehabilitation Service work closely with other team members in the service, as well as having strong links with the wider Speech and Language Therapy Department across NHS Fife.

What Speech and Language Therapy can offer

Speech and Language Therapy within the Fife Rehabilitation Service offer support to people with communication and swallowing difficulties.

We aim to support people, and those close to them, to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Cope better
  • Feel more in control
  • Build confidence to live life as well as they can

If you have been referred to our service, we will focus on getting to know you. We will talk about your best hopes, what matters to you and what is already working. After an initial discussion, some people realise they are managing well already. We might suggest you look at other kinds of support available in the community.
Some people decide that further sessions with a therapist will help them to make meaningful changes. Your therapist will then describe what therapy might look like, and how this therapy can help. You can then decide if this supports what you are hoping to achieve.

Where will I be seen?

The type of appointment may vary according to your needs and may be any of the following:

  • Inpatient contact
  • Outpatient contact can be via telephone call, video call (Near Me), a clinic appointment at Cameron Hospital or a Home visit.