Before your orthopaedic surgery you may be invited to attend a pre-operative assessment, this is to check your health and give you information on the surgery. This happens 2-3 weeks before your surgery. On occasion you may be offered a cancellation slot at short notice. The assessment may include blood tests and an ECG so please wear appropriate clothing. Assessments can take up to an hour and in some cases longer. Please have your breakfast or lunch before coming to the clinic and take all your normal medicines.

The surgeon may be in attendance. They may complete the consent form for the operation with you. It will be helpful if you bring:

  • Reading glasses and hearing aids. You may be asked to fill out a questionnaire.
  • A current list of all medications, including herbal remedies.

Pre-assessment clinics take place in two locations. The letter of appointment will give you details of where to attend. This may be:

Consenting for a surgical procedure

There is a legal requirement to obtain patient consent before a patient can progress to surgery.

This process begins at your first consultation with the clinical team. After your condition has been assessed, the treatment options available to you will be explained. The risks of the treatment options will be discussed. There will be opportunity to ask questions and where appropriate information about the condition and its treatment will be provided. The patient will have the opportunity to consider the options and discuss with friends and family if they wish. Before surgery a consent form will be signed by the operating surgeon and the patient.

This consent form confirms the patient understands the diagnosis, the treatment options and the risks/benefits of the treatment they have been offered and wish to proceed on this basis. The risks of the procedure are recorded on the consent form.

At any point in the process, the patient may choose not to proceed with the surgery.

For patients who are unable to give consent either through age, mental incapacity or medical conditions, a different consent process is required.

Contact pre-assessment Victoria Hospital: 01592 643355 extension 20001.

Attending for surgery

Once you have received your letter with a date for surgery and have confirmed your attendance, you will be asked to attend: