Universities and student intake

We have close links to the local universities for both research and teaching. We regularly play host to undergraduate medical students. We have orthopaedic trainees who attend the department as part of their training. There are also students rotating through the department who are studying nursing, physiotherapy and many other associated healthcare professions.

Our new National Treatment Centre for Fife

NHS Fife has now completed the build of our purpose built facility for the delivery of planned orthopaedic services based on the Victoria Hospital site. This centre is now operational having welcomed it's first patient in March 2023. It is to be given over entirely to planned care, that is care for people chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis or those needing surgery, a hip replacement. This new state-of-the-art centre offers both outpatient and surgical facilities. This means that emergencies such as broken bones won’t be treated here. Further details on the history of Fife Elective Orthopaedic Centre can be found on the Centre's archive page.

Concerns and general advice

If you have a concern regarding a musculoskeletal complaint, you should look at resources such as NHS Inform, and if necessary consult your GP. We cannot provide direct healthcare advice via the internet or email.

Find out more

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