Children's department

Both parents can visit their child in hospital at the same time. Please contact nurse-in-charge if you have any queries around visiting.  Siblings can visit if the child has an in patient stay of more than 7 days, these visits must be arranged via the nurse in charge of the unit. 

All designated visitors are advised to contact the ward or department to arrange visiting times.

NHS Fife operates a non-smoking policy and visitors should not leave to smoke and then return to clinical areas. In addition to the infection control measures for all visitors to our hospitals, the children's ward asks that when parents/carers visit their child they stay within the ward for the duration of their visit to support social distancing and reduce the number of potential contacts with staff and other patients and visitors at our entrances.

We appreciate your continued support to ensure the safety of our patients and you during this time.

Please discuss with the nurse looking after your child if these visiting arrangements will cause you any problems and we will try to support wherever we can.