From the 26th of April, local visiting restrictions will be relaxed from essential visits only to everyone in hospital being able to receive at least one named visitor.

Infection control measures for all visitors

For those visiting a patient in hospital it is important to remember that infection control measures will remain in place, including:

  • Physical distancing in communal areas.
  • Face coverings must be worn, unless exempt
  • Hand hygiene measures will continue
  • Movement around the hospital will be limited
  • Visits should not take place if the visitor has COVID-19 symptoms or is isolating.

Whilst this guidance outlines the main changes to visiting arrangements, there will likely be specific needs or circumstances where flexibility in approach is required. If this is the case, please speak to nursing staff on the ward. There will be no strict time limits applied to visits.

Named visitor

A named visitor should be organised with nursing staff in advance of visiting, where possible. We understand that in some cases the named visitor may need to be accompanied by another person, for example a child visiting a parent or sibling, or a frail elderly person who cannot attend the hospital independently.

The named visitor can be changed. This may be particularly relevant for example if a person in hospital needs support from a different person for a variety of reasons, or if the person who has been visiting becomes unwell, needs a rest or is unable to visit.


Children can visit adults in hospital. A child in hospital is entitled to have one or both parents or carers present to support them and can have visits from siblings or other children.

Virtual visiting

Where in-person support is not possible, a patient can be supported by alternatives such as virtual visiting using tablets or mobiles.

Visiting guidelines by department

Maternity department visiting

  • Pregnant women may identify one designated visitor to accompany them to their scans and antenatal appointments.
  • Pregnant woman may identify one birth partner to accompany them in labour and will be asked to remain with the woman for the duration of her say.
  • Pregnant woman may identify 1 birth partner to accompany them on the post-natal ward.
  • Parents will continue to be encouraged to spend time with their baby while they are in a special baby care unit.
  • Parents are asked to remain with their baby within the special baby care unit and avoid visiting other areas of the hospital
  • We are unfortunately not able to support visiting by other family members currently.

Children's department visiting

From April 26th 2021 the visiting policy within the Children’s Department will be dependent on zones as follows:

Red Zone

Both parents/carers are welcome to visit their child in the Red zone, but we would ask that only 1 parent/carer remains resident overnight.

Green zone

One parent/carer may accompany children attending the Green zone for “day surgery” procedures. Should your child require an overnight stay they will be transferred to the Amber zone in the early evening (visiting as below)

Amber zone

Both parents/carers are welcome to visit their child in the Amber zone, but again we would ask that only 1 parent/carer remains resident overnight. Siblings are permitted to visit in-patients in the Amber zone, but with restrictions on the total number of visitors due to the need to continue to observe social distancing. Please speak to the nurse looking after your child to arrange this.

In addition to the infection control measures for all visitors to our hospitals, the children's ward asks that when parents/carers visit their child they stay within the ward for the duration of their visit to support social distancing and reduce the number of potential contacts with staff and other patients and visitors at our entrances.

Please discuss with the nurse looking after your child if these visiting arrangements will cause you any problems and we will try to support wherever we can.