About your placement

We hope that documents on this page will give you an insight into your time on placement with us. Many of the documents here and other information available will have been sent to you directly from the Undergraduate Coordinator, the Undergraduate Administrator or the ScotGEM Coordinator. This page however acts as a permanent home for these documents that you can come back to whenever needed. 

Please pay particular attention to the Placement Information spreadsheet in the document library below. We aim to keep this as up to date as we can for your convenience, you may find it helps answer any further questions you may have, but we would always ask that you refer to any correspondence received from our team in the first instance.

Here you will also find information on areas such as COVID-19 guidance, Microsoft Teams and near Near Me Etiquette. Again, we will keep this as up to date as we can for you to refer to but if you’d like to ask us any questions, we’re happy to help. You’ll find our team on Level 2, Phase 2 of the Victoria Hospital in the Education Centre.