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The KnowFife Partnership Hub has been established in response to the Fairer Fife Commission's Fairness Matters report. The KnowFife Partnership Hub website provides a forum for partners to share research, knowledge and learning, working together to help transform information into action.

Please use the website to share research, information, knowledge and learning with partners, and find work relating to your own work and interests via our search and filter functions. We've also provided useful links to key information and data resources.

Know Fife dataset

The KnowFife Dataset provides access to a broad range of key social, economic and health and wellbeing indicators for partners and the public in Fife allowing a range of data themes to be viewed at a number of geographical levels, from Data Zone to Fife Local Authority. With data from national and local sources, users can access the KnowFife Dataset to build a comprehensive picture of the characteristics of Fife and the sub-regions within.

The KnowFife Dataset is a key resource to inform evidence based policy and decision making to improve the lives of the people of Fife. It is for anyone who is interested in better local information, for better local decision-making, and better community involvement. The KnowFife Dataset began life as the Fife Public Health Dataset before being integrated with the Fife Social Justice Analysis System. Developed on behalf of Fife Partnership with funding from the Scottish Government, the system is maintained by a network of data providers across partner agencies in Fife.

Mossmorran Report

The Mossmorran Report is a summary of work carried out by or for NHS Fife public health department to investigate and assess health-related claims with respect to the Mossmorran plant in Fife. It is intended that this material be made available to any interested members of the public, for their information.

Director of Public Health Annual Report

Director of Public Health annual report 2023
Director of Public Health annual report 2020 - 2021
Director of Public Health annual report 2018 - 2019
Director of Public Health annual report 2017 - 2018

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