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Education Programmes

Education programmes

Improve your knowledge and skills, improve patient/person experience. 

Why study with us?

You will study in a dynamic, evolving environment to develop your skills and enhance your career prospects.

You will be supported along the way by experienced Healthcare Practitioners with a lifetime of experience.

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Practice Education Facilitator (PEF) information

A national network of nursing and midwifery registrants that support learning in practice by working with staff within the practice learning environments.

Excellence in care

Read more about how this national framework improves, integrates and coordinates the way quality care services are delivered.

Advanced Practice

Advanced practice

Find out how you can develop your core knowledge, skills and behaviours using the framework.

Healthcare Staffing

Healthcare staffing legislation

Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialists.

Career progression

The development pathway and career progression overview focuses on the importance of a sustainable healthcare service that meets the challenges of the 21st century. It recognises the critical role of the workforce in achieving this goal and aims to support registered Nurses and Midwives in their educational and developmental needs to aid in their career development and progression. The pathway is divided into three levels – foundation, individual development, and advanced – and directs staff to various initiatives available both within NHS Fife and beyond. Some elements may be common across all levels.

Practicing Resuscitation On Dummy

Changes to NHS Fife Resuscitation Training

There is currently a review of Adult and Paediatric Basic Life Support training being offered to staff.

Read more about the review

Practice Dummy On Bed

We are running a series of sessions that you can book onto in 2024.

Calling all HCSWs! Enhance your leadership qualities and impact.

Nurses reading case notes in corridor

Fluid and nutrition forum

We are running two sessions in March. Please click on the appropriate link to find out more.

Registered and Undergraduate Healthcare Practitioners

Non Registered Healthcare Practitioners


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