Badger Notes app/website

Badger Notes

NHS Fife offers all pregnant women and new mothers access to Badger Notes which allows real time access to their maternity records over the internet through their PC or mobile device. Badger Notes, also provides access to local and national information regarding the woman's pregnancy and childbirth journey, all in the one place.

  • All information is held securely and cannot be accessed without the appropriate login details.
  • Your midwife will ask you for your contact details, email address and mobile number and a security phrase.
  • Download the Maternity Notes app from the relevant App Store or go to the Badger Notes website.

Register for the service by entering your email address (username) and security phrase, this will generate a confirmation code which will be sent by text message. This will allow you to create a password and access to the system by either method.

You can read more about accessing and setting up Badger Notes here.

Please watch this short video for advice on accessing and navigating Badger Notes.