Quit your way – smoking cessation

Many parents-to-be think it will be easy to stop smoking during pregnancy for the sake of the baby. Instead they still find it a struggle. Even if you really want to stop, sometimes you need extra help and support to succeed.

That’s where we can help - Quit Your Way Pregnancy helps pregnant women and their partners who want to stop smoking.

What we offer
Specialist midwives – Helen Lowrie and Carol MacGregor can offer regular support at any time during pregnancy and up to your baby is a year old. This is a free, confidential service that has been specially tailored to meet the needs of pregnant women. Telephone support is available or a visit in your own home whichever you prefer. Vouchers can be given if appropriate to access free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) such as patches, inhalator, gum or lozenges. Support is extended to other family members who smoke and are interested in stopping.

Although stopping smoking can be a challenging process, it is one of the best things you can do to give your child a healthy start in life. Our specialist midwives Helen and Carol will support you all the way, no lectures, no judgement, just straightforward honest help when you need it most.

Want to know more?
Contact us on one of these numbers:01592 648124
Helen: 07766028893
Carol: 07765897165

Drug liaison midwives

Drug Liaison Midwives give enhanced support and educational advice to women who misuse drugs/ alcohol throughout pregnancy and for an extended postnatal period.

The specialist midwives visit women at home and co-ordinate care tailored to each woman’s individual needs.

The team also give advice to women who are prescribed medication for chronic pain management where there is a risk that their medication may affect their unborn baby. Advice is given to ensure women are made aware of how to safely reduce any risk their medication may pose.

Specialist Midwives

Margaret Lawson - 07810637784

Hazel Sinclair07810637755

Sharon Somerville - 07815729258

Perinatal mental health service

There is a perinatal mental health midwife service within the VIP Project, which provides support for women in Fife who experience mental health problems during pregnancy and the postnatal period.

The Perinatal Mental Health Midwife coordinates care and signposts women and their families to additional support services as required. She also works closely with Maternity and Mental Health services to provide enhanced, individualised care for women with severe mental health conditions. This includes, where necessary, plans for additional support around the time of birth. The Perinatal Mental Health Midwife also offers advice for women who are prescribed medication for their mental health within pregnancy. The advice given helps women to make informed choices of the risks and benefits of taking medication for their mental health in the antenatal and postnatal period.

Contact Katie Potton

Family Liaison Team

The Family Liaison Team are part of the VIP Project. The Team provide enhanced support and education to vulnerable women and their families where Child Protection issues have been identified, the focus being on the safety of the unborn baby.

The Specialist Midwives visit the women at home and co-ordinate their care throughout the pregnancy and into the postnatal period as required.

The Nursery Nurses give specialised practical advice and education to prepare for the baby's arrival.

Bereavement nurse specialist

The bereavement nurse specialist offers care and support for women and their families, who suffer the loss of a baby, either in this pregnancy or in a previous pregnancy.

Support can be offered by phone or face to face, or if preferred text or email.

Information resources can be provided along with signposting to sources for further advice and support in the community.

This service does not provide bereavement counselling but can give details of services that do.

Covid-19 Helpline update 

Due to the latest lockdown restrictions, our helpline (020 7713 7486) might not always be covered. If you are unable to get through, please email: [email protected] to arrange a call back or call 07875 480 076 if urgent.

Our helpline is still available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 8-10pm, but please email [email protected] to arrange a call back (or call 07875 480 076 if urgent).

Bereavement support services update

October update from Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing on the resumption of Bereavement Care Support in pilot health boards and funding till March 2022.



Bereavement Nurse Specialist

Yvonne Caie – 07971582240

Email: [email protected]

Bereavement  resources