Bladder and bowel issues are common amongst children of all ages. Physiotherapy sits within the multidisciplinary team, including consultant paediatricians and specialist nurses/school nurses.

Physiotherapists are ideally placed to help children regain control of their bladder and bowels through empathetic communication, a knowledge of how these body systems work and also an in depth knowledge of the pelvic floor muscles.

Assessment may include completing a bladder diary, or a bladder scan. We do not routinely do intimate examinations in children.


Most children’s bladder problems are caused by constipation. Constipation isn’t always not going often enough but can mean the poo is hard, difficult to pass or requires straining. Passing a large amount of poo can also indicate constipation.

What can you do?

Good bladder habits

There are lots of things you can try to improve the way your bladder behaves.

What can you do?

Pelvic Floor Exercises

These can sometimes help to improve the muscles that control the bladder and bowel.

What can you do?