nurse looking at patients foot whilst at home

Personal Foot Care

NHS Fife Podiatry does not offer a simple nail cutting service.

Personal footcare is deemed as part of a personal hygiene routine for feet and covers a set of tasks that an adult, whatever their age, would normally do for themselves if they can. Personal foot care is:

Toenail care

  • Clipping and, or, filing toenails safely
  • Keeping toe nails at a length which feels comfortable to the individual

Skin care

  • Daily smoothing and moisturising dry and rough skin
  • Keeping feet clean, dry, comfortable and warm at all times
  • Daily checks for cracks and breaks in the skin
  • Daily looking for signs of infection or other obvious early problems and seeking professional advice


  • Checking footwear for comfort
  • Making sure footwear is a good fit
  • Ensuring footwear is in a good state of repair
  • Making sure footwear is safe to wear

Keeping Active

It is important that although you may be housebound, you try to keep as active as possible to reduce the risk of falling. To help patients in the home you can access the falls prevention booklet, Up and About, which can be ordered by contacting Age Scotland.