We provide support during the perinatal period which includes pregnancy, birth and the first postnatal year.  This includes psychological support for parents with: 

  • Pregnancy and birth complications and loss
  • Previous pregnancy complications, loss or birth trauma affecting mental health in the current pregnancy
  • Infants whose health is significantly compromised and who require Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) care
  • Support during admission to NICU or SCBU
  • Support in the first postnatal year following discharge
  • Mental health problems which directly affect maternity care (e.g. birth trauma, fear of birth, needle phobia)
  • Support for birth preparation where there is a history of sexual abuse

The service consists of psychologists and a specialist perinatal mental health midwife.  We work closely with the maternity & neonatal multidisciplinary medical teams, including obstetricians and paediatricians.  This is to ensure that the psychological needs of patients during the perinatal period are met.

Psychologists working in maternity & neonatal psychology can help you with a number of things, including:

  • Coping with complications in pregnancy to help you get the best possible antenatal care for you and your baby
  • Coping with anxiety in pregnancy following a previous loss
  • Preparing for birth after a previous traumatic birth experience
  • Overcoming a traumatic birth experience
  • Adjusting to a neonatal admission
  • Adjusting to discharge home after a neonatal admission
  • Preparing a birth plan if you have a history of sexual abuse

We provide a range of evidence based psychological treatments in individual appointments or in joint appointments with Mums and Dads or partners.

We also:

  • Offer support to maternity & neonatal staff
  • Provide consultancy and supervision to healthcare professionals who support families in coping with pregnancy / birth complications or previous loss 
  • Provide teaching and training for maternity & neonatal professionals to enhance their understanding of the importance of perinatal mental health. 
  • Conduct service evaluation to improve maternity & neonatal psychology services

Where can I be seen?

We are a Fife wide service and offer clinics in the main maternity hospital in Fife which is found at the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy. We also offer virtual “Near Me” consultations and telephone appointments.


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