Medication can help reduce the pain caused by a rheumatic condition. It is not likely to get rid of it all, which is why we encourage people to find other ways to help manage their condition like being active and making healthy lifestyle choices. Doing these along with taking medication regularly will help the medication to work better.

There are different options available for medications depending on your condition and your lifestyle, among other things. Finding the right medicine can take some time and it can be really helpful if you keep track of how your medication makes you feel. Speaking to our team about your experiences means we can discuss what options are available. Once we have agreed upon a medicine for you to try, commit to taking it regularly and check in with the service if you are unsure about anything.

There are occasionally side effects with some medications which will be discussed before starting a new prescription. These don’t always happen, though it is useful to know that these are normal, usually minor and temporary. If there are any concerns, patients can call the Rheumatology advice line to speak with someone further.

Rheumatology advice line

01592 648065

There may be times when you are experiencing issues or have questions about your condition and wish to speak to someone. We have a Rheumatology advice line that you can use to bring these questions to us.
To make it easier for you to find the right support, we have a dedicated advice line that you can contact when you wish to speak with someone.

You may want to contact the advice line if:

  • You would like to speak with a specific member of the team
  • You are experiencing a flare up and your self-help strategies are not improving symptoms
  • You have side effects you think may be caused by medication for your rheumatic condition
  • You experience a reaction to an injection given by the rheumatology clinic

The advice line is connected to a member of staff and you will speak to someone right away. They will take your details and then arrange a call back within 48 hours with a member of the team to offer help with your query.

The Rheumatology advice line is not an emergency number, and if you need urgent attention then contact NHS24 on 111 or call 999 in an emergency.