The purpose of this service is to provide and support for patients with Rheumatologic conditions attending the Fife Rheumatic Diseases Unit.

The Advice Line is Not an Emergency Service If you require medical advice you must contact your GP surgery, attend your local accident and emergency department or telephone NHS 24, Tel. 111 You Should Call the Advice Line:

  • If you experience a reaction to an injection given by the rheumatology clinic.
  • If you have 'flare up' of your condition that has not improved with your usual self-help treatments.
  • If you experiencing side effects which you feel may be caused by the medications prescribed for your arthritis.

How Does the Advice Line Work?

This is a Monday to Friday service 9am - 5pm, When you call the advice line you will be asked your name, date of birth and a brief outline of your issue. We will then make an appointment at a specific time on a specific day, usually within 2 working days for a Rheumatology nurse to call you back If you are out when the nurse calls, no further attempts will be made to contact you. If you still require advice you will need to contact the advice line again.

Who May Use the Advice Line?

The service is available to patients who attend the Fife Rheumatic Diseases Unit. Your relatives may also call with your permission. Confidential issues will only be discussed with you. Your own Doctor and other Health Care Professional can access the advice line.