church setting

Most people value support during times of crisis. Many people, especially when confronting serious, or life-threatening illness, have specific religious and cultural needs.

Spiritual Care is person-centred and enables an individual to make the best use of their spiritual and religious resources in coping with the uncertainties, feelings of anxiety, and questions that can arise in a healthcare setting. An individual’s faith refers to the people or beliefs a person trusts and receives comfort from, whether that is family, friends, nature, a faith community, or belief in God.

Healthcare Chaplains are available to support and facilitate reflection, prayer, and acts of worship. Where appropriate, they can arrange contact with representatives of belief and faith communities.

The Department of Spiritual Care maintains a number of multi-faith Sanctuaries and quiet rooms, providing a quiet space for people of all faiths, as well as those who hold no particular faith. These spaces belong to everyone and are available to the whole hospital community including patients, families, staff, volunteers, and visitors.
Religious and non-religious resources, to aid both reflection and prayer, are available within the space to help you reflect or pray according to your custom.