At times many of us experience hurt which causes us to struggle to find meaning in our lives, and to ask questions such as:

  • Why is this happening?
  • Why me?
  • What have I done to deserve this?
  • Is there a point in living?
  • How can I cope with this loss?
  • How do I carry on?

Through the Community Listening Service, trained listeners help individuals to make sense of their feelings and find meaning in their story, as the individual finds ways to cope with their experiences. The listeners do not have the answers – but they take seriously the questions people are asking.

Telling our stories and talking how we feel can often help us ‘hear’ we are feeling and thinking , and so discover our own way forward offering the potential for transformation and change.

Active listening is not counselling – it is a way of allowing the individual to explore their own story. If more specific counselling is needed a relevant referral can be made to the appropriate service. The "Listener" may also, with the individual’s permission, suggest other agencies which might help with particular needs. Listeners are registered with NHS Education Scotland and are supervised by the Department of Spiritual Care.