There is growing recognition of the importance of encouraging and supporting people in hospital to stay connected to the people that matter most in their lives. NHS Fife is committed to Person Centred Visiting where visiting times are not restricted – this means that you are free to visit anytime that suits you.

Care Delivery

As per the wishes of the person receiving care, relatives and/or friends will be supported to be involved with their loved ones care as much or as little as they desire. Our Partners in Care programme recognises that the needs of an individual may be best met by those who know them best (family, friends and carers), so although there is no expectation, we welcome you to participate in care should you so wish. The staff will work with you to agree how you might do this, and will review at regular intervals.

Typically mealtimes are sociable occasions therefore there is no restriction to you being present at mealtimes.

Number of Visitors

Although there is no restriction on the number of visitors, in areas where space is limited we may need to restrict numbers of visitors at any one time. We would also ask that you take steps to spread the number of visitors across the day.

Sometimes there may be cultural or personal reasons why a person wants to have a large number of people present and we will be sensitive and flexible in such circumstances. However, if a person is being cared for in a multiple occupancy room and wishes to have a large number of people present then a negotiation needs to take place to make sure the comfort and dignity of other people in the room are taken into account and not compromised.

Privacy and Dignity

There are important considerations to bear in mind to protect the privacy and dignity of people in hospital. On occasion you may request you leave the room in circumstance such as;

  • We need to have a conversation about confidential matters with a person who is in a multiple occupancy room. This will allow the conversation to take place more privately.
  • Where something of highly personal nature has to be performed e.g attending to toileting needs

Access to Hospital

For security reasons the main entrance to all NHS Fife hospitals are locked. The times for each hospital vary. If you wish to visit after these times you will be required to make arrangements with the ward staff.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic there are currently changes to visiting arrangements at our hospitals.