Visiting arrangements

Following an increase in Coronavirus Transmission rates across Fife, the difficult decision has been made to make further changes to hospital visiting across Fife.

It is hoped that these additional restrictions will help to limit the spread of Coronavirus and to protect vulnerable patients.

Suspended visiting will applied with the exception of:

  • Maternity Ward and Delivery Units
    One birthing partner is permitted and must remain within the maternity area at all times and for the duration of her stay, if they leave they will not be readmitted nor will anyone else be able to attend. Postnatal the birthing partner will only be able to stay if the woman is in a single room. (meals will be provided for birthing partners staying)
  • Neonatal / Special Care Baby Unit
    Only parents are permitted to visit and should remain with the child at all times.
    Neonatal / Special Care Baby Unit visiting FAQs
  • Children’s Ward
    Only 1 parent is permitted to visit and should remain with the child at all times.
    Children's Ward FAQs
  • Visiting arrangements for adult patients at end of life care
    Visiting patients is not restricted to one or two named people; however, a maximum of two people should visit at a time. Additional visits can be supported if this is safe to do so, and visitors are not restricted to a single visit.