Personal Footcare

We encourage you to make sure you check your feet properly every day so that any problems or breaks in the skin can be dealt with quickly by contacting your local Podiatrist.

Foot injuries?

A foot injury or ulceration of a person who has underlying medical conditions needs attention as soon as possible.  The injury may start as a small blister or cut but can quickly develop into an ulcer or result in amputation. You may not have felt the injury happen because you have lost some of the feelings in your feet, known as neuropathy.


Managing your diabetes and looking after your feet can greatly reduce the risk of experiencing foot problems.  Your local Podiatrist can support and advise you about foot health care.

Most foot complaints in children are not as a complication of their diabetes; people with diabetes under 18 years of age are seen in the NHS Fife Podiatry Children and Young Peoples Service.

Danger signs

  • Is your foot red, warm and / or swollen?
  • Is there a break in the skin or any discharge or oozing?
  • Do you have any of the above and feel unwell with flu-like symptoms or shivering?

If you have nerve damage you may not feel any pain or discomfort even if a wound is present, so it is vital to check your feet every day. If you notice any of these signs please contact your local podiatry clinic or diabetes specialist podiatrist.

You can contact your nearest out-of-hours healthcare service, local A&E or minor injuries department over the weekend, and on public holidays.