We work closely with people in social work, care providers and advocacy to make sure you have information in a way that is easy to under stand whenever you need it.

  • Training - We provide training for all staff to make sure they can make good quality easy read information for people they work with.
  • Support - We support staff and service users to make and use good quality easy read information.
  • Sharing - We have a database where we can share good quality easy read information.
  • Quality - We have agreed quality standards for all easy read information.

What do we mean by accessible information?

Accessible information is sometimes called Easy Read information.

This is information that has been adapted to make it easy to understand. Accessible information can help a wide range of people who find it difficult to understand written information.

Accessible information uses symbols and pictures, alongside easy read words and sentences.

About our easy read information

All the information on the Accessible Information Database has been checked against our Fife quality standards checklist. This is a list to make sure that information is good quality. For more information on our quality standards please get in touch.

All the information is given a star mark for quality. There is a short explanation of the star mark. The rating is given by a group of service users and staff called "Good Information Fife Team". Sometimes this group is called GIFT.

We access several local service-user groups in Fife to get meaningful feedback from people with learning disabilities about our easy read information. Their feedback is incorporated into our quality rating.

When something has been rated we will let people use our quality mark. Our quality mark looks like this:

If you find a document on our database that you would like to change please contact us. We will send you a different format of the document so you can make changes.

We cannot change any information from other websites or organisations.

If you have made any easy read information you would like to share with others, please contact us. We will check that it meets our standards and give it a star rating.

If you would like to tell us what you think about our website, or our easy read information please contact us.