By working together to achieve a more sustainable organisation, we can realise our organisational goals and values, whilst contributing to the health and wellbeing of our patients, staff, communities, and local environment – both now and in the future.

In our role as an anchor institution, we can make an important contribution to our local economy, local communities, and our environment. Through the day-to-day practices, of our organisation and staff.

In the face of climate change, we need to reassess and adapt to the challenge as an organisation and as individuals within the organisation.

This means understanding the impacts of climate change on health and illness and recognising that the NHS needs to be sustainable for future generations.

NHS Fife’s Commitment to address climate change

NHS Fife recognises its duty to act in order to address climate change, working towards aligning ourselves to the national Sustainability Strategy and achieving the targets set within this and our own approach to sustainable development.

As both an anchor and public sector organisation we must look towards the tools which are at our disposal such as the National Sustainability Assessment Tool (NSAT) as a starting point for assessing and improving through tangible outputs.

Additionally, we cannot ignore the clear planning and investment required to ensure that we achieve the legislative targets that we must achieve as a health board, such as ensuring 100% renewable heating by 2038 and absolute Net Zero by 2045.

These targets may initially seem challenging, however by working together with our colleagues, partners, and suppliers we can implement sustained change to allow us to achieve these goals and ambition.

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