Contact the Patient Experience Team

The Patient Experience Team is made up of a group of staff who work independently of the clinical teams and services. We are a non-urgent service, whose role is to facilitate feedback between you and the clinical teams and services and ensure your feedback is responded to in line with the NCHP.

We are unable to support acceleration of appointments, or answer any clinical questions you have about your ongoing care.

We ask you to submit your feedback in writing. This will allow you to clearly define your feedback in your own words and identify any points you wish to be answered.

If you wish to speak to someone to discuss the feedback process, you can do so in the ways outlined below.

NHS Fife adheres to a zero tolerance policy to violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour towards its employees.

The Patient Experience Team
Level 1
Hayfield House
Hayfield Road
01592 648153

Note: The phone and mailbox is manned between the hours of 09:00 and 16:30, Monday to Friday.

You can also submit your written feedback at the Phase 3 reception in Victoria Hospital.