Eating well and making healthy food choices can appear to be complicated and difficult with all the conflicting messages that are around. The Food and Health team work towards providing clear, simple and straightforward information to support communities, groups and individuals to make healthier choices.

Eating well and being more physically active are key elements for a healthy lifestyle. The Food and Health team work with Active Fife to encourage people living in Fife to become more physically active.

We do this in a variety of ways. We are an accredited training centre and offer a variety of training around food and health, delivering cooking skills programmes and supporting the community food network, who work at ground level to promote skills knowledge and confidence of food and health within their groups.

Fife Food Champions

Fife Food Champions are people who have been identified and supported by Health Promotion Food and Health Team and the Fife Community Food Project and have demonstrated the ability and commitment to promote and deliver positive food messages to their local community. Their report, Going Forward after Covid-19, was produced from a virtual network meeting in August, which looked at the challenges behind and ahead of them.

Feeding  Fifers

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