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In the midwife-led unit our main objectives of care are to:

  • Provide high quality intra partum care and postnatal care for all women and their families who have their baby here.
  • We recognise that women who deliver their baby with us have a full and equal partnership in their care.
  • We aim to give women control and choices in decision making affecting their care
  • We ensure and encourage minimal intervention in childbirth
  • Promote all choices women have in their plan for birth
  • The midwives act as advocate for women to support their choices

Our Philosophy and Aims

We care for all women in Fife who have low risk pregnancy and are not expected to need any medical intervention during labour and delivery of their baby. We believe women are central to this process of care.

A holistic approach to the normal physiological process of childbirth is used to meet the physical, emotional and cultural needs of women and their families in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the whole family.

The woman is a full and equal partner in assessing her needs and the midwife caring for you will have respect for the integrity of the woman.

Our aim is to work in partnership with women and their families throughout their labour and birth and after your baby is born . We aim to promote a relaxed homely environment where we aim to ensure you feel safe, comfortable and supported in your choices.

In promoting natural childbirth, we support women in labour, offering hypnobirthing, mobilisation, TENS machines and relaxation techniques. The use of water as a means of relaxation is also encouraged. We also have birthing balls, bean bags and birthing couches to assist in adopting comfortable positions during labour. We actively encourage birth partners to assist in the labour and delivery of your baby. We have a birthing pool for women who choose to have a waterbirth. We can also offer "gas and air" and diamorphine to aid relaxation. Women, in partnership with their named midwife can use any of the above to assist the labour process.

We have 8 LDRP rooms (this means:labour,delivery,recovery and postnatal) one is equiped with a birthing pool. You will have a named midwife throughout the birth of your baby. You will have your labour, delivery and postnatal care in one room with ensuite bathroom facilities and we encourage a "home from home" environment.The midwife will assist in all aspects of care in labour and birth then support in your feeding choices. Most women stay with us from 6 to 24 hours following birth.We have a team which consists of Nursing assistants, Midwives and Nursery Nurses. You can have up to two birthing partners in labour and we do not have strict visiting hours after your baby has been born as we like to encourage a family environment.

If you would like to discuss any concerns/anxieties or general enquiries please contact us or your community Midwife. 

Midwife Led Unit contact number  - 01592 729183
Senior charge midwife - Veronica Keyte