newborn baby against mother in birthing pool

You have choices over the birth of your baby, and we will aim to fully support your choices. You can choose to have your baby at home and if you do so, you will have the support of the highly experienced Homebirth team.

If you decide to give birth in a hospital setting where you have access to highly trained and experienced clinical staff. You will give birth in one of our two delivery units in the Victoria Hospital: the Midwife-Led Unit or the Consultant-Led unit.


Most women will give birth before 42 weeks. If your pregnancy goes beyond this timescale however, you will be offered the induction of labour which involves the process of starting labour artificially for the benefit of maternal and infant safety. 

Contact telephone for Induction suite - 01592 728303

Neonatal services

Some babies need extra medical attention at birth and we care for these babies in our Neonatal unit. The unit has 21 cots, providing intensive, high-dependency and special care.

We also provide transitional care in the Maternity ward. Transitional care refers to babies who need some extra care but are well enough to stay together with their mothers in the maternity ward while the team cares for them both.