nurse sitting with patient

What we do

Our Dietitians provide dietetic advice in a range of specialist areas including Complex Nutritional Support, Gastroenterology, Renal, Surgery, Critical Care, Oncology, Medicine, Dementia, Care of the Elderly and Stroke Care.

What to expect

On admission to hospital your nutritional status will be assessed using a screening tool. If you require dietetic input you will be referred to the dietetic department by the nurses, doctors or other health care professionals. Following referral to the dietetic department, we will ask you/your family/health care professional questions about your dietary intake and if there has been any recent changes in your weight. We will then work with you to explore what matters to you most. A plan will be formed that will support you to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices, to help treat or prevent disease. We aim to provide accessible information when needed. We tailor our advice to meet the needs of the individual.

If you or a family member feels you require a dietetic assessment, please discuss with your doctors and nurses who can ask a dietitian to speak with you/your family.

During your hospital admission oral nutritional supplement drinks may have been required. These products are advised under the guidance of a dietitian. If these are still required upon discharge from hospital your dietitian will arrange a prescription. These products are only prescribed if you are unable to meet your nutritional needs with food and drink.

Tube feeding may be required for some individuals with certain conditions. This can be short-term during or longer term if an individual is unable to maintain nutritional status through oral diet alone.