What we do

The complex care team support people who have multiple complex health and social care conditions.

Patients are supported in their own homes who have complex, multiple, long-term conditions and/or complex social situations. We liaise with many other teams to coordinate patient care and to support families and their carers

Living with complex, multiple health and social care conditions can be an upsetting time. It is important that an anticipatory/advanced care plan (ACP) is in place to ensure all the difficult conversations have taken place and that everyone concerned is aware of their loved one's wishes. This helps to reduce some of the stress at what is already a difficult and challenging time.

Often our patients have frailty - Frailty is a term that is used a lot, but is often misunderstood. When used properly it refers to a person’s mental and physical resilience, or their ability to bounce back and recover from events like illness and injury (e.g. UTI/Falls).

An advice line number is given to every patient/carer who is referred to our service for use if they feel that they need our support out-with scheduled home visit or have further queries.