Within advanced MS and end of life MS, we can link with you and your families and other health and social care staff to supplement your overall care specifically with MS symptom management advice. We are also available as a consultancy basis for staff looking for advice on MS symptom management. 

MS affect people differently, Advanced MS is when someone with MS has accumulated disability over time and has several symptoms all happening at once which can be challenging for the individual and those close to them.  This period can be continual and become part of your everyday life with MS that will require ongoing management and adaptations. If your MS progresses further, there are some symptoms that can make the individual vulnerable to developing end stage MS and may require further palliative care support. It may be helpful to you to have discussions about what this stage means and your future wishes with a member of your healthcare team that has knowledge of MS.

The MS Nurse aims to 

  • Help people with MS to manage their condition to live as well as possible
  • Work in partnership with patients, their carers and other healthcare professionals to provide holistic patient-centred care.
  • Reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and readmissions
  • Support patients with symptom and medication management
  • Support patients with palliative and end of life needs when appropriate