Arthritis can affect how you do regular activities in everyday life. Joint problems can cause pain, weaken your muscles and grip strength, and can lead you to feel tired more quickly. It is possible to reduce the pain in your joints by making small adjustments to the way you do things.

Joint protection involves making changes to as many of the daily tasks that may be causing additional and unnecessary pain or fatigue.

Key tips:

  1. Use bigger, stronger joints to do the movement
  2. Try to spread the weight between several joints
  3. Cut down the effort needed to do the task (gadgets, sliding rather than lifting big objects, reduce the weight you lift)
  4. Avoid putting your joints in uncomfortable positions
  5. Arrange your work area so that you can easily reach frequently used items to make activities more efficient
  6. Taking short breaks can really help reduce tiredness at the end of the day.

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