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Travel costs

You may be able to claim your travelling expenses. In order to claim, you must provide evidence that you are in receipt of one of the following benefits:

  • Disability Working Allowance, Family Tax Credit, HC2 or HC3 Certificate from the DSS, Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, War Pension

If you wish to make a claim, please ask the ward staff to confirm your attendance at hospital on the appropriate claim form. Take this, together with confirmation of your entitlement and bus tickets to the Hospital Cashier.

Find out more information by reading the NHS Fife travel expenses leaflet.

If you have any queries regarding travelling expenses, you can e-mail

Ambulance transport for patients

Ambulance transport can be provided in some cases for medical reasons. Ambulances are provided by the Scottish Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Find out more about transport support

Should you require transport to get you to hospital, you should contact your GP to ask if he/she can arrange for an ambulance or hospital car to transport you. (Unless you have been told otherwise by hospital medical staff).

Please do not bring anyone with you in the ambulance unless this has been agreed in advance.

Unfortunately, we are unable to give exact timings of when ambulances will arrive.

In some cases, a hospital car can be provided by the ambulance service if you are unable to make your way to hospital or you have no-one to bring you and you require assistance

Getting to our community hospitals

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