Three ambulances parked

Transport to other areas of Scotland

Sometimes, you may be asked to travel to other health boards such as NHS Lothian for medical appointments.

You may be able to take care of your own transport if you have a car or can use public transport. Alternatively, you may find that you can ask friends or family to help.

However, sometimes this may not be possible and the Scottish Ambulance Service can help if you can give them as much notice as possible.

Find out about contacting the Scottish Ambulance Service for transport support

Ambulance transport support

If you feel that you need Ambulance transport please call 0300 123 1236.

To use Text Relay dial 18001 03001231236 – for anyone hard of hearing.

Calls are charged at local rates for mobiles and landlines.

A call handler will ask you questions to help decide the transport that you need.

Please note:

  • Please call as soon as you are notified of your hospital or clinic appointment.
  • If you need support, your carer, friend, relative or GP can make the request on your behalf.
  • Having a hospital or clinic appointment does not mean that you automatically qualify for ambulance transport.

Find out more about ambulance transport support