The MS Nurses are member of the Multi-Disciplinary Team at Cameron Hospital. The MS Nurses can see you at Fife Rehab Service, or via Near Me or telephone appointments. Where required, we can also make arrangements to see you in your own home. We provide a service from Monday-Friday, 9.00pm – 5.00pm. There is also a telephone advice line which is available during this time  - please see the MS Nurse Telephone advice leaflet.

We also provide health and social care staff with information, education and liaison on aspects of MS care which can be accessed via the telephone advice line or NHS email account.

The MS Disease Modifying Therapy Service is based at the Victoria Hospital. Patients who are considering or are on Disease Modifying Therapy can have contact with this service whist being known to the MS Nurse Service at FRS. There is a close working relationship with these 2 services in order to improve the patients overall journey.


Referrals to the MS Nurse Service are made via your GP or Neurologist or other Health Professionals involved in your care. Once referred you will remain on the MS Nurse caseload and can self-refer thereafter. Support and advice can be provided at various stages of your condition and is tailored therefore to your individual needs at that time. This can take the form of newly diagnosed support, relapse management, symptom management and emotional support. We will work alongside other healthcare professionals involved in you care or on a one to one basis. The emphasis being on providing timely information and support to assist you to manage your health and MS symptoms and encourage self management where possible.