Neuro Rehabilitation nurses encouraging patients to reach their optimum level of functioning to restore personal autonomy, whilst providing education, information and support to both patients and their families.

Round the clock care

The nurse is central to the patients rehabilitation programme as he/she is in the unique position of providing 24 hour continuous care, support, ongoing education and assessment. As patients begin to learn/relearn new skills, these need to be practised and integrated into daily life. The rehabilitation nurse facilitates this process. This aids carryover of all treatment programmes and promotes an interdisciplinary team approach to rehabilitation. 

The role of the rehabilitation nurse includes: -

  • Aid physical recovery and promote wellbeing by maintaining quality of life and improving/restoring function where possible
  • Facilitate independence and personal autonomy in activities of daily living
  • Reduce the risk of secondary complications and related conditions
  • Promote holistic adaptation to related disability/limitations
  • Ensure all aspects of psychosocial and emotional needs are supported
  • Provide specialist neuro rehabilitative care to both the patient and their families