The service is made up of Clinical Psychologists whom also have a range of additional skills, experience and qualifications related to Neuropsychology (a branch of psychology that focuses on the complex relationship between brain and behaviour). We work alongside our multi-disciplinary colleagues in the Fife Rehabilitation service. We work in a range of settings including in-patients, out-patients, and long-term care facilities.

What we can offer

The Clinical Psychologists/ Neuropsychologists in the Physical Rehabilitation Psychology Service can help by offering 

  • Detailed neuropsychological assessments to guide therapy, plan rehabilitation, and assist with diagnosis.
  • Assessments and therapies for clients, families and carers related to the impact of their condition and the disability that may arise from this.
  • Therapy for problems such as adjustment, loss, depression, and anxiety.
  • Therapeutic groups for a mix of carers and patients, for example our Living with Brain Injury Group.
  • Work with individuals and carers to assist with challenging behaviour

How do I get referred?

Most referrals come through FRS and stem from a variety of sources including your GP, neurology, social work and other members of the team at FRS including the Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Nurse and the Medical staff. If you feel a referral to Psychology may be of benefit to you this is something you could discuss with the Healthcare Professional you currently have contact with from FRS or alternatively your GP.

Where will I be seen?

Our Fife wide service is based in Cameron Hospital. We also offer appointments in local clinics and home visits if necessary. Additionally, we can offer virtual ‘Near Me’ video consultations and telephone appointments.

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