Activities of daily living

Activities of daily living include personal activities such as bathing and dressing or domestic activities such as meal planning and preparation. Other activities of daily living include driving, using public transport, shopping and managing finances. Occupational Therapy can also support you to return to or remain in employment whilst managing your health condition.

In-Patient Occupational Therapy

You will be assessed by one of the occupational therapists to identify cognitive, perceptual or physical difficulties that may be impacting on your independence. The occupational therapist and occupational therapy support worker will work with you and your family to support you to achieve functional goals by setting out a rehabilitation programme that may include upper limb rehabilitation, cognitive rehabilitation or practice of functional tasks such as dressing practice or kitchen practice. This may also include teaching you new strategies to regain your independence. As you progress towards discharge, the occupational therapist may carry out an assessment of your home environment to support your discharge.

Out-Patient Occupational Therapy 

If you have difficulties with activities of daily living or if your health condition is impacting on you staying in or returning to work, the occupational therapist may be able to help you by:

  • Assessing your current abilities
  • Providing a rehabilitation programme to improve cognitive, perceptual and physical abilities
  • Giving advice on strategies to maintain/regain independence
  • Fatigue management including support to improve daily structure and routine
  • Self management of your health condition
  • Carrying out practice sessions with you to improve your independence
  • Assessment of your current work abilities and advice on how your work role/environment could be adapted

Referrals should be made by a health care professional using the details on the Rehabilitation Service page.

Service opening times

The out-patient Occupational Therapist can offer appointments at Cameron Hospital or remotely via ‘Near Me’ video call. When required a home visit can be arranged. 

Outpatients: Mon to Fri 0845-1645

Inpatients: Mon-Fri 0830-1630

All patients admitted to the in-patient service routinely receive Occupational Therapy assessment and intervention.