Good work is good for you

There are 10 core characteristics of Good Work:

  • Safe and secure jobs
  • Autonomy in decision making
  • Work that is demanding whilst not overtaxing
  • Fair reward
  • Development opportunity to achieve potential
  • Non threatening workplace– without discrimination
  • Employee voice is heard
  • Work life balance is maintained
  • Rehabilitating when necessary
  • Health promoting workplace

Good work is good for business

Research has demonstrated a healthier and safer workplace can reduce short and long-term absence, reduce accidents and near misses and increase worker engagement. Ensuring Good Work also makes financial sense, with workplaces making cost savings as a result.

Good work is achievable

Workplace Team are here to provide free and confidential support and advice to help Fife employers and workers create a healthier and safer working environment to promote Good Work.

What are we trying to do?

Reducing the impact of Health Inequalities within the workplace setting is key to our local approach in line with:

Our objectives are to ensure;

  • Employers are supported to proactively identify health, safety and wellbeing issues in the workplace
  • Employers develop and implement supportive policies and practices that protect and improve workers' physical and mental health
  • Employers support workers to remain in and return to work
  • Supportive work environments encourage positive worker behaviour change

What services do we offer?

A range of core workplace health, safety and wellbeing services, including:

  • Provision of expert advice and guidance
  • Occupational Health and Safety needs assessment visits
  • Workplace Health needs assessments
  • Workplace training and awareness sessions
  • Workplace policy development
  • Employee Wellbeing Surveys
  • Provision of health improvement information and resources
  • Local support for the national Healthy Working Lives programme in accordance with Partnership Agreement
  • Signposting to partner programmes such as Working Health Services in Fife
  • Develop and deliver local workplace health, safety and wellbeing projects and events in Fife

Who else do we work with?

Contribute to the wider work of the Health Promotion Service and Fife Health & Social Care Partnership, and work with partners such as:

  • Opportunities Fife Partnership
  • Fife Economy Partnership
  • Fife Community Safety Partnership
  • Workplace intermediaries such as Fife Voluntary Action, Business Gateway Fife, Skills Development Scotland and Fife Chamber of Commerce

Contact us to find out how we can help your workplace

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Fife Health and Social Care Partnership Team

Email: [email protected]

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Workplace Team is working to reduce health inequalities and improve the wellbeing of people in Fife.

Further information is available in our Workplace Team leaflet.

We are part of the Health Promotion Service, Fife Health and Social Care Partnership. Find out more in our Health Promotion Service leaflet.

Please read our Annual Reports for further information on the activities we have been involve in over the years.

Team Annual Report 2019/20
Team Annual Report 2018/19
Team Annual Report 2017/18
Team Annual Report 2016/17

Resources and Activities for Fife Workplaces to promote health and wellbeing at work can be borrowed from the Health Promotion Information and Resource Centre.

The Health Promotion Training Programme 2019-2020 contains a section for workplaces.

The Health Events calendar 19-20 is a useful starting point to plan campaigns and activities in the workplace.

The Health Scotland briefing on Good Work for All contains useful information on the role the workplace has to reducing health inequalities.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have provided guidelines on workplace health and wellbeing.

The Healthy Working Lives national website and advice line (0800 019 2211) provides free and confidential advice on a range of workplace health issues.

In recent years we have commissioned research on the Health, Safety and Wellbeing needs within employers in Fife and on the Ageing Workforce in Fife.

We have developed Business Recovery Guidance for in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Farming I’m Fine leaflet has been developed to support the mental health of the agricultural workforce/community in Fife & Kinross, through advice and service-signposting.