While health in Fife (and in Scotland generally) is improving, long-term health inequalities persist.

These have a significant impact on people’s lives, meaning that some communities live shorter and unhealthier lives than others. Some of these health inequalities can be mitigated and changed, for example if we make our services more equitable and reduce the issues people face when accessing them (whether that be due to their health or where they live) we can improve health and wellbeing.

Fairer Health for Fife

Fife’s Health Inequalities Strategy 2015-2020 aims to support organisations and partnerships across Fife to work towards reducing inequalities in health and wellbeing by:

  • Increasing understanding around health inequalities
  • Promoting ways of working most likely to reduce health inequalities
  • Providing 6 health and wellbeing outcomes which are key to reducing inequalities in health and wellbeing

Please find below NHS Health Scotland video – ‘Introducing NHS Health Scotland Strategic Framework’. For more details on the framework and set of priorities go to a Strategic Framework for Action 2017-2022.