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This section provides detailed information on x-ray only. Please refer to the appropriate section for information on CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and DEXA scanning, Breast Radiology and interventional radiology procedures.

Plain film/General imaging is an x-ray of individual parts of the bony skeleton and certain soft tissues e,g the lungs and abdomen. This may be required to aid diagnosis in a variety of conditions. For example to find out the causes of pain, investigate causes of your problem and following injury. The imaging is performed using the latest technology producing high quality images almost instantly. It is quick and painless.

No preparation is required however if you are able to attend suitably dressed (no zips, buttons, hooks) and wearing minimum jewellery you may avoid having to change into a hospital gown. You may be required to lie down on an x-ray couch to have your x-ray carried out.
Assistance will be given if you need it. 

You will be made as comfortable as possible and will be lying for the shortest time that we can manage. Following the procedure the radiographer will ask you to contact your referrer for the result as  they will not be able to give you any result at the time or allow you to view your images/take a picture of them. A formal radiologists report of your examination will then be sent to your referring healthcare professional.

Contacting Radiology

If you are asked by your doctor/health care professional to call Radiology to make an appointment for your x-ray, please call 01592 643355 extension 28103